muchymozzarella asked: Tweet Brian about the pumpkin thing right now. If you don't do it, I'll do it.

I actually can’t, because I don’t have a twitter account.

But yeah, if you want to, go right for it. I feel like he would actually consider it.

Anonymous asked: Hi! What's your favorite episode of Hannibal?

Oh man. Um.

I actually really, really love Aperitif. I think we got to see so much of Will’s character packed into that episode (especially with the doggies), and it was just an awesome intro to the show. Also we only got a teasing glimpse of how awful Hannibal could be, and it was just like, “oh man, this guy is gonna fuck up so much shit. And he’s gonna have fun doing it.”

Other episodes I really liked in Season 1 were Sorbet and Savoreux. In season 2, I liked Takiawase, Futamono, and Yakimono a lot, mostly because we got to see Will coming back to himself, and turning the tables by starting to manipulate Chilton and Hannibal. (also, the long prison hair was mucho sexy).

And of course, Mizumono was beautiful, even though it ripped my heart in half.

Aaaaand that was probably way more information than you were hoping for, but there you go. Thanks for dropping by, anon!


tumbleweedforyou asked: I'm an Australian would-be uni student who fan away to gap yeah in France. How much wood would a wood chucker chuck if a wood chucker could chuck norris. My favourite movie is Stand By Me and my favourite book is Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende. Where did you lose your virginity? XD

Oh wow, I like you. :)

Gap year in France sounds hella awesome, I’m probably gonna take a gap year in between getting my bachelor’s and my master’s degrees, but that year will almost definitely be spent working multiple jobs. I hope you’re having fun running around France. Be on the lookout for runaway cannibals. :\

If a wood chucker could chuck norris there would probably be karate involved. I dunno.

I love Stand By Me! Haven’t read Eva Luna, although I’m familiar with Isabelle Allende.

I actually haven’t lost my virginity. None of these mere mortals are worth sleeping with.

Thanks for telling me a little about yourself! 


It’s refreshing to know that our show is being written by a bunch of people who, apparently, have just as weird and crazy a sense of humor as we do.

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not like that, Abigail, that’s for sure

She learned from her daddy…


If in season 3, Will doesn’t carry a single pumpkin, then whats the entire point of this show. 

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Will is creeper sometimes

Just Broke 1000 Followers!

Ohmagahd ohmygaod ohmyagODGHIOGOD I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

I just want to say, for having a thousand of you guys, I don’t get to interact with you much. I want to know who you people are. Send me random stuff. Tell me what your favorite book/movie is. Ask ridiculously invasive questions. I don’t care. 

Anyways, I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone following, and hope you guys continue to enjoy.

And now, back to surviving the heatus together.